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Comments from Mayumi Okuda - How it feels and who would recommend it

As we get older, we all have problems unique to women that are difficult to discuss even with our closest friends. I think there are many people who are concerned about taking care of their delicate zone, but are too embarrassed to start. For those people, I would like to recommend yoni CARE, the first vaginal laser developed in Japan for home use. If you are interested in this product, please read on to find out how it feels and who we recommend it to.


How does it feel to use yoniCARE?

I have been using yoniCARE for three times now, and I feel no pain or discomfort, and the warmth is so comfortable that I almost fall asleep. I've heard that the effects of yoniCARE will come with continued use, so this is one of those self-care products that I want to continue for myself in a few years.

Who I recommend yoniCARE to

yoniCARE is a home-use vaginal laser that uses LEDs and laser diodes to activate vaginal cells and improve their function. If you have any of the problems that I am about to introduce, I highly recommend you to use yoniCARE.

If you are not comfortable visiting a clinic.

The most common vaginal treatment is a laser treatment such as the Mona Lisa Touch. However, it takes a lot of courage to visit a gynecological clinic, and many people are reluctant to start because of the high cost. However, yoniCARE can be used easily at home, which is very much appreciated.

Those who feel uncomfortable in the delicate zone

As women age, from their late 30s to their 50s and 60s, their female hormones become unbalanced, and symptoms of concern such as dryness, itching, and odor in the delicate zone appear. Taking care of your vaginal area on a daily basis can help alleviate the discomforts of the delicate zone, so please give yourself plenty of love with yoniCARE so that you can age with vitality.


In Japan, there is still a strong image of the delicate zone as something that should not be touched, but in other countries, it is seen as a very important thing. It is an important part of a woman's life, so why not make it a habit to take care of it with yoniCARE?

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