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Mayumi Okuda's impressions: After using yoniCARE for one month, I felt that it is important to continue using yoniCARE.

yoniCARE is a home-use vaginal laser that uses a 650nm laser function and a 477nm blue light to stimulate the vaginal area and lead to a healthy vagina. In this article, we will discuss what we felt after using yoniCARE for a month and the important things to remember when using it. If you have any questions about vaginal care, or are considering purchasing yoniCARE, please refer to this article.

What I felt after using yoniCARE for one month

It is recommended that yoniCARE be used for 10 minutes at a time, three times a week. Here is what I felt after using yoniCARE for a month, a total of 12 times.

Relieves menopausal symptoms

It is said that about half of women who have reached menopause suffer from discomfort in the delicate zone caused by hormonal imbalance. I've been using yoniCARE for a month now, and when I put pressure on my lower abdomen, it feels tighter than before. I can also feel that my vaginal area is being activated, so I think it is helping to prevent menopause.

I have a more feminine body line.

Another thing I noticed after using yoniCARE for a total of 12 times is that I feel like I'm getting a more feminine body line. At first glance, vaginal care and body contours may seem unrelated, but in fact, the delicate zone is the foundation of all beauty. Taking care of your vaginal area can also help you maintain your body's shape, which tends to collapse with age.

It's important to continue with yoniCARE.

I was able to experience the effects of yoniCARE after one month of use, but I feel that further changes can be expected with continued use. It is important for women to start vaginal care as early as possible, as many feminine problems and concerns appear around menopause.



It is often difficult to talk to others about the problems of the delicate zone, or do not have the courage to go to a gynecologist, so even if you are concerned, it is easy to neglect. Therefore, I believe that the launch of yoniCARE, which allows women to easily take care of their vaginal area at home, will help a lot of women. I would like to continue to take care of my vaginal care with yoniCARE to cherish my femininity and take care of myself.

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